Managed services: SLA 2018 price list

Our expert engineers are available should you have any issue with your Linux-based systems.

We can help you depending on availability (best effort) but we also propose SLA contracts that will guarantee our response time.

Interventions on systems that we have not setup require an initial audit.

Monthly subscription

SLA 2h1 SLA 24h SLA 48h
Monthly subscription

Between 6am and 9pm Monday through Friday

CHF 2’000.- CHF 1’200.- CHF 1’000.-

Intervention costs

SLA 2h SLA 24h SLA 48h No contract / Best effort on projects under warranty
Intervention cost2 4h free / month then CHF 175.- per hour 1h free / month then CHF 175.- per hour 30 minutes free / month then CHF 175.- per hour CHF 190.- per hour
Intervention cost, for a project under warranty Included Included Included Included
  • The overall infrastructure is monitored by specific Clever Net Systems tools (eventually in addition of those already in place)
  • Any intervention is billed by half hour units
  • Any modification of the infrastructure’s configuration must be previously approved by Clever Net Systems
  • Clever Net Systems must be notified of any updates to the application
  • Any upgrade to the infrastructure should go through a commercial offer

Customer support phone number

+41 (0)22 900 11 40

1 Excl. travel time
2 Monthly free hours are not cumulative