Still giving names to your servers ?

Get yourself a new level of abstraction. The cloud allows you to manage a constantly evolving infrastructure while optimizing costs.

  • Private cloud and IaaS: OpenStack
  • Public / hybrid cloud: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3
  • Dashboards, governance, chargeback: CloudForms, etc.
  • Test an inexpensive OpenStack solution using our mobile demo environment: CleverBox

Implementations: Go to to discover our technical articles.

What is your hardware utilization ratio ?

Hardware utilization ratio, resource provisioning time, snapshots, easy undo, environment duplication: virtualization is a must today.

  • Simple virtualization solutions with the standard KVM technology
  • Enterprise virtualization: high availability, live migration, reporting, geo-replication, cloning, snapshots, etc.

Implementations: Implementation of RHEV 3 and RHN Satellite for a large Geneva-based private bank.

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